How to Construct a Good Outline for Your Research Paper: A Complete Guide

Research paper writing is an essential part of every student's academic work. A research paper shows your opinion on a given topic and would require a good outline.

You need to take some crucial steps before writing the outline of your research paper. These steps would help you experience a smooth sail through your writing. Before you draw your outline, do the following;

The success of your research paper starts with your choice of a suitable topic. Choose a topic you find interesting. A matter you are not interested in would likely result in struggles. Your topic should also appeal to your readers.

After you choose a topic, you need to ascertain your argument. What is the importance of the issue to you or others? What impact will the discussion have on the world? Also, determine how you would develop a research paper on the argument.

Be clear about your potential audience. For academic work, your lecturer might be your audience. Does he have a contrary opinion? Your audience would determine some of the techniques you employ.

A research paper requires thorough research. You must support your submission with enough evidence and facts. These call for lots of literature reviews and information sourcing.

You would need a general idea that supports your thesis. This idea is followed by more specific information. Also, study as much supporting and opposing views as possible.

Every excellent research paper is appropriately referenced. The references are the proof you have to validate your argument or opinion. The ones that best support your thesis statement should be esteemed.

Outline for your Research Paper

After the pre-writing preparations, choose an exciting and creative research topic. You are now ready to open down the outline if your research paper. The outline is the framework on which you build your writing.

Every outline must comprise three distinct parts, the Introduction, Body, and Conclusion. Writing a detailed outline would be helpful in the development of your paper.

Outline Guide

Your outline of the research paper has a lot of influences on your paper. The following steps will help you navigate through it.

If you want your reader to continue reading, your introduction must be captivating. It would be engaging enough for your reader to continue reading. Your introduction must be persuasive and relatable.

This major part of your paper is where you make your extensive discussion. The volume of the body should be related to the bulk of the work. You are expected to empty your armory here, but ensure you can prove it.

This section summarizes all your arguments. It should be concise and must express all your main points. End your work with a final message, which should be a call to action. Also, ensure you maintain consistency in style all through the paper.


A good outline would result in an excellent paper. The time taken to construct a useful framework is an investment for the paper. But if you don't want to invest your time, you can invest money and pay for essays writing online.